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Jason Mitchell
I finally got around to moving dad's site, so it can remain available.
1 June 2013 - Gambrills, MD

4 March 2013 - WILMINGTON , OHIO

Danny Mongold
So sorry to hear of the loss of Mike. Mike and the rest of the Romers were the very best rock band around southern Ohio in those great days of the sixties. I will forever remember their music. Rest in peace Mike!
25 January 2013 - Wilmington, Ohio

Pat Smith
Love those dances at the fairgrounds. Last saw mike a few years back at the GD. great times
23 January 2013 - Oconahua, Jalisco, Mexico

Bob K ocher
Thanks for the guitar lessons,and the good music.
23 January 2013 - Sabina, Ohio

Donna Wilt Rolston
I remember your band well and those dances at the fairgrounds. I lived to dance. I was from Sabina, but had many, many friends from Wilmington. My first husband was Jim Cohmer.
23 January 2013 - Sabina

So sorry to hear about Mike .I remember them playing at the Municipal Bldg in Sabina in 66 or67 we were so young what a great time
23 January 2013 - Sabina Ohio

Maureen Mitchell
Michael W. Mitchell, 61, passed away on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at his home near Leavenworth, WA.
Born July 9, 1951 in San Diego, CA, a son of James and Ethel Mitchell. Mike was raised in Wilmington. He later lived in CA, and in 1984 moved to the Seattle area where he resided until his move in 2011 to his favorite place, Leavenworth.

He was a life long musician starting out in the mid 1960's with the Wilmington band The Romers and was still performing and recording in 2012. Mike also worked for 30+ years in the music industry ending his career in 2011 as National Sales Manager for Behringer. In addition he was the owner of Northwestshops.com and Leavenworth Computer Repair.

He is survived by his wife Maureen Mitchell, mother Ethel Mitchell of Bellefontaine, son Jason Mitchell & family of Gambrills, MD, stepdaughter Asya Khesin of DuPont, WA, nieces Tana (Mitchell) Peterson & family of Bellefontaine and Kristen Mitchell-Sheley & family of Columbus.

A funeral mass will be held on February 1, 2013 at 11 AM at Holy Family Catholic Church in Kirkland, WA, and followed by a reception on-site to celebrate his memory.
22 January 2013 - Leavenworth, WA

Darlene Center-Carter
Mike, you were my first 'love'! I saw you at the Ohio State Fair and got your autograph. I also saw you at the Wilmington Fair Grounds several times. It was good to see you on here after all these years. Thanks for the memories!
14 May 2012 - South Lebanon, Ohio

Webmaster comments   Thank you so much much Darlene for the kind words! -Mike Mitchell

Jeff (Doc) Wixson
I grew up next door to Jim, Ethyl, Patrick and Mike (Mick) Mitchell. The Romers practiced on the front (enclosed) porch of their house. I got to listen to them all the time! They are partially responsible for my own interest in playing music.

My Mother loved them too! She used to sit on the front porch when they practiced so she could hear them better. She was a snare drummer in high school (1935-1938).

I remember one time when a neighbor lady saw one of the band members walking down the street with his long hair and beard, asked him if he thought he was Jesus Christ! I guess she wasn't as much a fan as we were. Hilarious!

Thanks for helping form my musical life.
25 March 2012 - Atlanta GA

Just awesome memories of dancing my brains out with you guys all over Wilmington.
17 August 2011 - Cape Cod MA

Webmaster comments   Thank you Ellen. If I may ask, what class were you in and what school?

Ellen replies: "class of 66 ,,, Wilmington High School"

Bill Jenkins
Hey Mike, thought I would drop you a line. Yes I'm still playing and will continue until I can't anymore. I am looking for some old photos of the group and I think I have some video if I can find it. It would be great to get together one more time. If nothing else, we need to put together some of the things we experianced together in the band. I'll keep in touch.
20 May 2011 - Wilmington

Webmaster comments   Hi Bill. Yes, let's get together and play once again. Also, let me know if you have videos or pictures. I can certainly help you to get them into digital format.

Mike Moon
I guess the thing I remember was the prom and the band playing there. Always thought Cupp would go somewhere, but a good time was had by all and we were all proud to have such kick a// guys in the school
6 May 2011 - Wilmington

Webmaster comments   Wisecup did sent me a CD he made. He was supposed to send me an updated one. If he doesn't send a new one soon, I'll just post the one I have on the web site so you can give a listen. -Mike

David J. Coyle
I was wondering if the Romers ever played in Chillicothe, at the Sugar Shack, or Ater's Lake, or any other venue? I never have seen the Romers listed in any ads, but that doesn't mean it never happened. I've been researching southern and central Ohio bands from the '60s for a while now.
28 January 2011 - Chillicothe, Ohio

Webmaster comments   David, the Sugar Shack certainly sounds familiar, but I'm just not sure. Maybe some of the other members of the band will comment on this who have a better memory than I!

jack vest
those were the best days of my life the fair grounds and B's it was A lot simpler before Viet Nam
24 August 2010 - New Vienna

Joan Lundy Pitzer
I can't even begin to tell you all the memories. one being when you all auditioned in Jr. Hgh for Mr. Borror, probably for one of the school dances. had to make sure you guys could really play I guess.
23 September 2009 - West Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hmm, I don't remember this. Of course I can't remember much from Jr. High. But it was the 7th grade when I put the Romers together. Tell that someone in your life that I said "Metapitzer".

mike talked to some of the boys.Dave Jim Gary Handy. lets do it one more time. Hell we have out lived two of the beatles. HI TO Wendy and all our old fans LUV U. ALL BOBBY.
18 June 2009 - Wilmington

Webmaster comments   Hi Bobby. Now you must have a Romer's photo with you in it. Let me have it and I'll put it on the front page. And yes, let's get together and play. It will be fun.

Dave Harbert
Geeez.yeh, the Romers. How could any teen in the 60's from Wilmington not remember. I even went to see them play at the State Fair in Columbus one time. Quite the hot band in their day.
All the best.
22 August 2007 - Wilmington Ohio

Wendy Leonard Berlanti
How about this for a memory.Romers playing inside Adairs Furniture store while Robyn & I played store window display mannequins!
14 May 2007 - St. Petersburg, FL

Webmaster comments   Hi Wendy! -Mike

George Tilton
The first time I saw these guys I was in 6th grade, and they were playing at the "Home Show" at the Clinton County fairgrounds Jr. Fair building. As I recall, they were introduced by Bob Braun of WLW fame. I
22 February 2007 - wilmington ohio

Ann Gallagher Williams
Oh yes," Little Black Egg". Great memories at the fairgrounds.
24 December 2006 - Wilmington,Ohio

Webmaster comments   Sorry it took me so long to post this. I need to pay better attention. -Mike Mitchell

Robbie O'Neil-Gavin
Boy this really brings back memories, and they are all great ones. Love the web site and have many fond memories of you all!
6 May 2006 - 708 Owens Ct., Wilmington,NC 28412

John Black
Great to see this site. Really brings back the fun we all had at the dances.
14 April 2006 - Moved back to Wilmington From Ft Lauderdale 1998

Rick Cline
I remember the band well. Yes Kay, I think they did play Little Black Egg.
13 April 2006 - Wilmington Ohio

Jan Raizk Barnes
My memories are of dances at the Fairgrounds and having to be taken and picked up by parents!
29 March 2006 - Fort Myers, FL

Webmaster comments   Our parents had to take and pick us up too. In fact, I think the band broke up before we were old enough to drive.

Kay Brewer
WOW! This really takes me back. I remember this band well! I can remember them playing at a pool party at JR Pool. Unless I've gone totally senile, I think I can remember them playing "Little Black Egg".
25 March 2006 - Wilmington, Ohio

Jim Leonard
My sister Wendy mentioned that Mike had told her about the website. Nice layout! Hope to see more memorabilia soon!
25 March 2006 - Clearwater, Florida

Tom Sullivan

I just found this site. Very nice. I remember you playing in Washington Court House. Hope to see more stuff soon!
5 March 2006 - Columbus, OH